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Building Tuckpointing

Restore the beauty and structural integrity of your brick building with the help of a skilled commercial tuckpointing contractor from Pro-Tech Construction, Inc. Our company offers building tuckpointing in Raleigh for business owners in need of exterior building restoration work. We utilize proven techniques to provide our clients with structural crack repair services done to their complete satisfaction.

Qualified Commercial Tuckpointing Contractor

Your commercial property is bound to develop voids and cracks in the exterior because the mortar will crumble over time. Exposure to the elements dries out the mortar and wears it away. When there are uneven areas in the mortar, it causes settling and foundation problems. It also leads to separation between the brick and the mortar, allowing air and water to seep into the gaps. This is what causes the cracks in the mortar, and the reason that building tuckpointing is so effective.

Our commercial tuckpointing contractor can replace the mortar between the bricks and customize the style. We begin by removing the old mortar and injecting new mortar in between the bricks. This process typically involves using two colors of mortar, one of which matches the color of the bricks or stone. By using these two contrasting colors, we are able to make the exterior surface appear to have very fine joints. Once we finish the job, your walls will look spectacular without having that "patched up" appearance. You can also choose a different color of mortar if you prefer to add your own artistic style to the exterior design.

Building Tuckpointing in Raleigh

Tuckpointing and Structural Crack Repair Services

Tuckpointing is not just a method for structural crack repair, it is an art form. When our contractor does tuckpointing, the results are clean and professional looking. We give our clients the option to give the exterior of their buildings a unique style that really adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the structure. Of course, tuckpointing is not just about increasing the aesthetic value of a building.

It is also a fantastic preventative measure that safeguards the exterior against erosion. This is particularly important during the cold season, because if moisture gets inside the bricks and then freezes, it expands outward causes the bricks to crack. Through our building tuckpointing services, you greatly extend the life of the building's masonry, saving you time and money on future repairs. You also make the property more attractive so that it stands out from other businesses in a very positive way. 

Contact us today to request a free consultation about the potential benefits of building tuckpointing for your property. We proudly serve customers located in and around Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Clayton, and Garner, NC.

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