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Terra Cotta Repair

Revitalize that once-beautiful terra cotta siding on your building with the terra cotta restoration services from Pro-Tech Construction, Inc. When your exterior building restoration project involves the use of terra cotta, it is important to hire professionals that have experience working with this material. Our company is especially adept at providing customers with terra cotta repair in Raleigh and the surrounding areas.

Expansive Terra Cotta Tile Repair Options

The repair and replacement of terra cotta building elements present extremely complex restoration issues. Deteriorating terra cotta can lead to more extensive masonry problems with the entire structure.

If you do not seek terra cotta repair services from qualified professionals as soon as possible, you put all of the structural components at risk, including the metal anchors, the mortar, and the masonry backfill. If terra cotta tile repair is deemed appropriate, we will take great care to ensure that a material is chosen matches the style you desire.  Our contractor is careful undertaking a terra cotta repair and preservation project. We understand the structural properties of terra cotta, so you can count on us to perform the repairs flawlessly.

Benefits of Terra Cotta Restoration

Deterioration of the structural components supporting terra cotta is difficult to locate and diagnose. It can also cause the biggest types of failure, often undermining the structural integrity of large sections of facade.

That is why you need trained professionals that have access to the appropriate tools and materials to take care of this issue. 

When we perform a terra cotta restoration, it rejuvenates the entire surface of the building. We used modern masonry techniques that ensure the new terra cotta we put in place is more durable than the old materials we are replacing. 

With the application of our specialized masonry coating, you also get the benefit of waterproofing your newly restored exterior.

Terra Cotta Repair in Raleigh

Alternative Solutions for Terra Cotta Restoration

True terra cotta replacement is always the most reliable option for fixing damaged terra cotta. However, some people cannot afford the cost of replacing the terra cotta tiles. In order to accommodate all of our customers, we offer alternative options for terra cotta restoration. Stone is a viable choice to replace terra cotta that has become damaged. We can color the stone to match the original color of the terra cotta. The stone material itself is also extremely durable and extremely supportive for the masonry components of a commercial building. There are many choices available, so schedule a free consultation with our contractor to determine the best route to restore your building's terra cotta exterior. 

Contact us today to learn more about the methods we employ for terra cotta tile repair. We proudly serve customers located in and around Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Clayton, and Garner, NC.

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