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Exterior Building Grout Injection

One of the quickest and easiest ways to stop water leaks and fix the cracks in your building's masonry is through chemical grout injections. At Pro-Tech Construction, Inc., we offer affordable rates and reliable results for anyone in need of an exterior building grout injection in Raleigh or the surrounding areas. This is one of the most cost-effective options for building masonry restoration.

Exterior Building Grout Injection in Raleigh

Fast-Acting and Effective Exterior Epoxy Injections

Concrete walls can develop cracks for a number of reasons. Sometimes it was due to improper construction methods or resting on a foundation that is not sound. Cracks can also form due to exposure to moisture that later freezes and expands inside the concrete when the weather turns cold.

Regardless of the reason for your damage concrete walls, you can fix the problem quickly with our exterior epoxy injections. Exterior epoxy injections take very little time to perform. Thanks to advancements in the chemical composition of epoxy products for masonry repairs, the injections we use are extremely resilient. The epoxy provides the structural support needed to maintain functional concrete walls. Since the material is waterproof, these epoxy injections protect your walls from future damage due to water exposure. That is why the epoxy injections are the preferred methods for stopping water leaks. 

While the injection process does not take long, it is important that you hire a professional. We know the amount of epoxy to use and where it needs to be injected in order to maximize the effectiveness of the epoxy resin. Cracks and water leaks that are left alone will only grow worse in time. You should request our assistance the moment you notice any damage to your concrete structure.

Handy and Affordable Chemical Grout Injections

With the chemical grout injections from our masonry company, you can take care of basement leaks without the need to do an excavation. We will perform a full inspection to determine the extent of the damage and where the chemical grout needs to be injected. 

The purpose of the chemical grout is to consolidate and stabilize the masonry that makes up the walls and foundation of your building. This technique can also provide support for excavated walls and prevent surface ground settlement.

Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of our exterior epoxy injections. We proudly serve customers located in and around Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Clayton, and Garner, NC.

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