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Commercial Concrete Repair

A well-made foundation is vital to maintaining the structural integrity of a building. Homeowners and business owners can count on Pro-Tech Construction, Inc. when they need commercial concrete repair in Raleigh. Our masonry contractor can handle any commercial concrete building restoration project. From restoring a building's foundation to concrete repair work on the exterior, we have the skills and resources to do it all.

Commercial Concrete Repair in Raleigh

All-in-One Commercial Masonry Company

A sturdy foundation is vital to the structural integrity of any business establishment. As buildings age, the elements and seasonal changes greatly affect their foundation and other masonry components. You also may have to deal with accidents and vandalism damaging the structure's exterior. When you are planning to renovate your business, you want to hire a company that specializes in building masonry restoration. Our company specializes in a wide range of concrete repair services, which means we have the expertise and equipment to perform all the necessary steps to a damaged foundation. Our contractor has in-depth knowledge with the proper building code requirements that must be followed for commercial concrete repair work. We also take into consideration the type of soil that foundation is built upon, and the type of concrete used for the building's exterior.

If you have a customized floor plan, we know how to adjust the foundation installation procedure to accommodate your floor plan. Our company works quickly yet carefully to provide you with commercial concrete building restoration for any type of damage, including all of the following:

• Rust on Concrete • Missing Concrete • Water Infiltration • Cracked Concrete

Solid Concrete Repair Services

Do you have cracks in your concrete walls without any idea how they got there? Are your floors bulging upwards in certain areas? These types of problem may run deeper than the surfaces of your building. In fact, they could be due to issues with the structural foundation. A foundation can sometimes settle over time, causing the entire building to shift position. When buildings rest on expansive clay or soil that was not properly compacted, their foundations are more susceptible to shifting and settling.  This may damage it in several different ways that are hard to predict.

The best way to avoid serious damage to your property is to hire a qualified company as soon as you notice any signs of concrete damage or foundation problems. Our commercial concrete repair contractor can perform the necessary work without the need to tear out and replace all of the concrete. We will first inspect your property to determine the most effective method of foundation repair. Once we finish the inspection, we will let you know how to proceed and give you an estimate on the cost of repairs.

Contact us to begin planning the concrete repairs your building needs. We proudly serve customers located in and around Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Cary, NC.

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