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Structural Brick Replacement

Brick problems are usually due to water issues, or porous bricks that are perpetually frozen and thawed each winter. While the problem may be inevitable, the solution is easy. Simply turn to Pro-Tech Construction, Inc. for structural brick replacement in Raleigh.

We specialize in both brick and structural stone replacement services for commercial buildings. You can also count on us for stone and brick replacement for structures that are part of a historical restoration project.

Brick Replacement for Any Structure

There is a reason brick masonry dates back thousands of years yet is still popular today. The bricks and other materials used for the mortar do not warp, bend, rot, or rust when exposed to moisture for long periods. The colors of bricks are naturally beautiful, and since they are fired at extreme temperatures during the manufacturing process, the color does not fade over time. Of course, bricks are also fireproof, making them an invaluable investment in the event of a fire.

Of course, even the finest bricks weaken over time. Look to the professionals at our masonry company if you need brick replacement services to take care of those cracked or defaced bricks that are marring the appearance of your business establishment. We replace bricks of every size and color, so you can not only restore the structural integrity of your building, but also improve its appearance. 

In addition to replacing bricks, we also offer tuckpointing to repair the mortar between the bricks. Tuckpointing involves removing old mortar and installing new mortar in between the bricks. Much like our brick replacement services, this option has both functional and aesthetic benefits. We can customize both the bricks and the mortar to look the way you want, giving an excellent opportunity to make your building sturdier and more attractive at the same time.

Structural Brick Replacement in Raleigh

Sturdy and Attractive Structural Stone Replacement

Stone is one of the oldest and most reliable building materials. It offers more structural strength than brick and many people prefer its aesthetic appeal. The only problem with stone is that it can be difficult to repair unless you have the right skills, equipment, and materials. That is why you should trust our professionals to handle the job when you need structural stone replacement services.

We will match the new stones we put in place with the existing stone that have become damaged. Since we are all about accommodating our clients, you can also change the style of stones if you wish.

Contact us for more information about the advantages of our brick and structural stone replacement services. We proudly serve customers located in and around Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Cary, NC.

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